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In 2006 Channa Perera, an engineer specialized in systems and networks founded Wegg, which perfectly combines his two passions: music and new technologies.
For the past fifteen years, the company has grown worldwide : Europe, Middle East and Asia by accompanying the development of well-known brands.
Our two fields of expertise allow us to accompany you in defining and mastering your IT environment and/or your sound identity, in order to provide your users and customers with the best possible experience thanks to tools or a sound design that will reflect your true image.
Combined with the IT engineering of our teams and the solutions we develop, our tools and our music will provide you with valuable metrics and data science, with the aim of always improving your objectives. Whether it's to boost your sales or create a specific dynamic: we know how to do it!
Finally, the IT management of our systems and networks team will give you the serenity to devote yourself fully to your real job.

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© Wegg depuis 2006, tous droits réservés.